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About Us

About Us

The CNAlgés Shipyard opened for business in the beginning of 2012, having already the first vessels for maintenance and repairs. This new shipyard is managed by a company with a great experience in the nautical business, Sopromar Nautical Centre.

The value of the investment is approximately 2.7 million euros and it's estimated to create 40 jobs, when in full activity. CNAlgés was designed to meet the needs of those who pass each year off of our coast and also the ones navigating in the Tejo River. Services provided include, among others, storage, marine carpentry, fiberglass, Electricity and electronics, engineering and rigging.

Once fully operational, CNAlgés Shipyard will have storage capacity for over 300 boats, it already features a ramp and a travel lift  that can handle boats up to.

Currently in temporary premises, CNAlgés will operate in a two floors building, with workshops, Chandlery shop, training center, rest rooms and offices. 

At what time do you open??
CNAlgés is open from 09:00 until 18:00 monday to Friday. On Saturdays we open at 09:00 until 13:00.
Regarding security how does CNAlgés works?
At CNAlgés we have specialized security staff 24 hours a day.
What is the price for a repair or parking of a boat?
To find out our prices for any type of service please contact us by phone +351 213 032 440 or email and we will give you a quotation according to your needs.
Does CNAlgés Staff works outside of the boatyard??
Yes,our staff can go to your boat and get the job done.
Should I make an appointment if I want to lift my boat?
For logistics and organization resons we advise you to contact us 24 hours in advance to make the lift in.
Can I live on board while my boat is on you boatyard?
Yes, you can live on your boat while you are in CNAlgés.

Yanmar Marine

Yanmar Marine provides reliability, economic efficiency and adequate comfort for customers dedicated to recreational boating.

Generations of knowledge and experience combine industry-leading innovation and technology. All of this and more is incorporated into all Yanmar marine engines.
These engines are compact, lightweight, quiet, low emission and are known for their excellent performance and robust reliability.

Yanmar's range of marine diesel engines is one of the main in the market.
Contact us and find the technical solutions we have available for your vessel - at Centro Náutico de Algés.

Yanmar Engine catalog here.


We can only guarantee the best service if we work if the best parts and materials. We work with the most prestigious brands to make sure our clients leave with top of the line products at competitive prices.