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Algés - Lisbon

Lisbon - the largest and most populous metropolitan area in Portugal, is also the westernmost capital of the European continent on the Atlantic coast.

It is one of the main economic centers on the European continent, thanks to an increasing financial progress favored by the largest container port on Europe's Atlantic coast.

Lisbon is a city full of green spaces, of varying dimensions. It was in this city that the first Portuguese botanical garden appeared: Jardim Botânico da Ajuda. Its climate is characterized by being one of the mildest in Europe.

In many of its corners there are typical taverns and small places in the popular neighborhoods, where the Fado is complemented with traditional cuisine with the Mediterranean characteristics.

Its many terraces and narrow streets, paved with the most beautiful white or black limestone stones, dresses numerous climbs which have dozens of spaces enriched by culture, culminate in one or other viewpoints of its many hills.

Stands out the St. Jorge castle, which, with its view over the Tagus River and remains as if it is watching over a time that had been seeing its ships and caravels leaving and arriving in the Palace below.

At what time do you open??
CNAlgés is open from 09:00 until 18:00 monday to Friday. On Saturdays we open at 09:00 until 13:00.
Regarding security how does CNAlgés works?
At CNAlgés we have specialized security staff 24 hours a day.
What is the price for a repair or parking of a boat?
To find out our prices for any type of service please contact us by phone +351 213 032 440 or email and we will give you a quotation according to your needs.
Does CNAlgés Staff works outside of the boatyard??
Yes,our staff can go to your boat and get the job done.
Should I make an appointment if I want to lift my boat?
For logistics and organization resons we advise you to contact us 24 hours in advance to make the lift in.
Can I live on board while my boat is on you boatyard?
Yes, you can live on your boat while you are in CNAlgés.

Yanmar Marine

Yanmar Marine provides reliability, economic efficiency and adequate comfort for customers dedicated to recreational boating.

Generations of knowledge and experience combine industry-leading innovation and technology. All of this and more is incorporated into all Yanmar marine engines.
These engines are compact, lightweight, quiet, low emission and are known for their excellent performance and robust reliability.

Yanmar's range of marine diesel engines is one of the main in the market.
Contact us and find the technical solutions we have available for your vessel - at Centro Náutico de Algés.

Yanmar Engine catalog here.


We can only guarantee the best service if we work if the best parts and materials. We work with the most prestigious brands to make sure our clients leave with top of the line products at competitive prices.